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The scores marked with the Sfr-mark-200x200 logo are from resident surveys conducted by SatisFacts , an independent third-party resident satisfaction survey firm.
Looking for an apartment in Detroit? Tired of the sales pitches from building owners and developers? Want honest and objective opinions from actual Detroit apartment residents? You’ve come to the right place. ApartmentGrade is exactly the resource you’re looking for. </p><p> At ApartmentGrade we understand how important it is for you to find an apartment in which you can feel comfortable and at home. Our Detroit apartment reviews will help you find just what you’re looking for in Detroit with our objective resident opinions of a building’s assets and flaws. </p><p> ApartmentGrade brings you star ratings for Detroit apartments ranging from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. The number of stars awarded to a community is based on the objective results from third-party surveys of existing residents. The apartment ratings you see are affected neither by biased reviews of prejudiced renters or building owners. So when it’s time to rent a new apartment in Detroit, make ApartmentGrade your first stop to be sure you can make a truly informed decision and find an apartment you’ll love. </p><h2> Living in Detroit</h2><p> Detroit is the largest city in Michigan state, boasting a population of approximately 4.5 million. Home of the legendary Motown sound and popularly known as the “Motor City,” particularly to automobile aficionados, Detroit offers residents rich cultural experiences along with the vibrant natural beauty of the Great Lakes and the Detroit River. </p><p> Detroit’s climate is largely determined by its proximity to the Great Lakes. Temperatures throughout much of the year are comfortable and pleasant, but winter temperatures can turn harsh. With its vibrant seasons, beautiful snowfalls, and stunning landscapes, Detroit allows residents to take advantage of the many outdoor activities that the city offers, such as outdoor concerts, bike trails, and winter sports. </p><p> You’ll find a wide variety of architecture throughout the Detroit area; there are historical buildings with English Tudor and Queen Anne elements, buildings in the Georgian style, and thoroughly modern skyscrapers. You may even find an apartment building in your favorite architectural style. To help you make the most of all Detroit has to offer, ApartmentGrade brings you the information you need to find an apartment that suits the life you want to live in this wonderful and vibrant city. </p><h2> What Makes ApartmentGrade’s Apartment Reviews Different?</h2><p> Most websites that offer review services to prospective renters rely either on marketing material provided by the building’s owners or on anonymous comments from tenants. Neither of these approaches really gives you the objective information you need to know whether a particular apartment community is right for you. After all, owners tend to market their communities with glowing descriptions that gloss over any shortcomings. In these types of reviews, flaws are adroitly swept under the carpet and the apartment is made to sound like the epitome of perfection. The other main type of apartment reviews, by anonymous commenters, cannot be taken at face value either. It’s impossible to know what personal biases are clouding the commenter’s judgment, and you can’t even be certain that the commenter ever actually lived in the building! </p><p> Unlike other websites that only claim to provide objective apartment reviews, ApartmentGrade is uniquely positioned actually to fulfill this promise. To bring you a completely new type of apartment ratings site, ApartmentGrade uses professional third-party surveys as the basis of our appraisals. These surveys ask current tenants hundreds of questions to cover every part of their experience with the apartment community. We base our star ratings on the aspects of apartment life that matter most to you, such as the building’s condition, the responsiveness of its maintenance staff, and overall tenant satisfaction. Getting honest answers to these important questions are like having a friend in the building who can tell you whether or not she’d recommend that you rent there. </p><h2> Getting the Real Picture about an Apartment</h2><p> When choosing a new apartment, it is important to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal to make a well informed decision. At ApartmentGrade we help you get a real picture of what you can expect from an apartment community before you even set foot through its doors. ApartmentGrade does not rely on marketing material provided by building owners, nor does it rely on the comments of anonymous sources whose opinions could be prejudiced or outright lies. Instead, ApartmentGrade will help you find the perfect apartment in Detroit through ratings based on professional and statistically relevant surveys. Therefore, the ratings of Detroit apartments that you find at ApartmentGrade.com offer you an accurate and holistic picture of what you can realistically expect upon moving into your new Detroit apartment. </p> <p> Our advanced search features make it simple to find truly livable apartments in Detroit. With ApartmentGrade you can personalize your search to show only apartments within a certain zip code or city. You can also search by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and rent. </p><p> In a nutshell, ApartmentGrade offers you an easy-to-use resource to help you find just the apartment you’re looking for in Detroit. So, if you’re planning to move into a new place in the Motor City, evaluate your choices with objective ratings from ApartmentGrade and end up with an apartment in Detroit that’s perfect for you.